Chef Ja’Nel found her passion for food helping her mom in the kitchen as a little girl. After college she realized she could take that passion and turn it into a career. She initially earned her Bachelors of Science in Health and Human Performance, but then quickly followed her heart into the kitchen and has not looked back since.

Chef Ja’Nel specializes in international cuisine but knows how and when to keep it simple. One of the first dishes she mastered was Wild Mushroom soup. It was so good it helped promote her at her first kitchen job. One of her other favorite dishes to cook is Herb-Roasted Chicken. Chef Ja’Nel says it’s a favorite because she loves the smell that radiates throughout the home as it cooks. She can produce tasty Thai, Indian, and Spanish dishes, but she knows the importance of simple comfort foods as well.

While respecting classic dishes and cooking comfort foods she likes to keep things creative and edgy by not sticking to any one particular cooking style. She’s learned to fuse multi-regional influeneces and introduce exotic flavors to excite the tastebuds. She thinks outside the box to give people a memorable dish.

Her attitude is to never stop learning and never stop trying. That attitude is what got her on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 and that attitude along with her talent is what made her Chef Gordon Ramsay’s pick as the winning chef.

Who knew that little girl cooking in the kitchen with her mom all those years ago would be where she is today? From her mom’s kitchen to her first cooking job, then to becoming one of Houston’s favorite chefs, right to winning Hell’s Kitchen! No wonder why she never looked back!

Besides being Executive Chef at Houston’s Corner Table, she keeps busy with fundraisers, speaking engagements, TV appearacnces, and so much more.

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